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Innastate Studios was created and founded by

Kirill Oleynikov. 

The company started out as a photography studio in Naples Florida over 12 years ago. After which the journey for knowledge and exploration took Kirill out West to Santa Fe, New Mexico to pursue his passion in film production. In discovering Documentary film making and the Art of Story telling the passion grew strong and Kirill acquired a degree in Documentary Film Production as well as Environmental Media. Having worked on professional film sets, indie films, documentaries and client based projects Innastate Studios grew to include video production as the main part of its business.

With professional credits on IMDB and the knowledge of film set techniques Innastate Studios brings a new level of production to your business needs, delivering amazing content at a great price to small and medium sized companies.

Now our studio includes an incredible

and creative team of Producers, Directors,

Cinematographers, Graphic designers, Editors, Sound engineers, VFX artists, and Writers. We work hard to bring quality and authentic content to businesses in helping them grow in sales and be more relatable to their clients.

Lets get your next project started

Innastate Studios Digital Media Marketing Video Production Santa Fe, NM Kirill Oleynikov owner



At Innastate Studios we are problem solvers, and action takers.

We set out to find solutions by utilizing creative business model strategies and incorporating the latest Digital Media techniques to succeed and provide a great product for our clients.

Innastate Studios Digital Media Marketing Video Production Santa Fe, NM Kirill Oleynikov

Kirill Oleynikov

Creative Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Video Editor,
Web Designer 

Curating the creative vision for every project with unique ideas and implementation. I think of first "What would everyone else do for a project like this?" and "How can we do it differently and more creative to give our clients a unique and incredible product".

Kirill oversees the project and puts the final touches in finishing the edit and color grade creating a unique and professional look. Kirill also loves capturing time lapses of butterflies and nature.

Innastate Studios Video Production Santa Fe, NM Michelle LaBounty

Michelle LaBounty

Producer / Production Coordinator / Creative Vision /Locations Manager 

Having worked for Major TV and Film Productions in New Mexico, Michelle brings a world of knowledge and logistical expertise to the table. Getting to the people and places that will move the production forward is Michelle's specialty. During her spare time Michelle, as her last name suggests, is a Professional Treasure Hunter and an accomplished Painter/Artist.

Daniel Carlton Santa Fe, NM.jpg

Daniel Carlton

Sound Engineer / Composer

Film Set Sound Mixer. Studio Soundtrack Composer. Sound Designer. Daniel's passion is Audio! From the Film set to the Studio, he's always creating. He composes the perfect score for every project with his unique style and approach.

Dan geeks out on Star Wars cosplay and jams out at Meow Wolf as their resident DJ.

Gonzalo Lyon Pollier Santa Fe, NM

Gonzalo Lyon Pollier

Graphic design / Animation / Video Editor

Graphic Artist, 2D animator, Editor. Gonzalo is highly proficient in animation and story telling, creative and passionate, he brings new ideas and implementation to every project.

Gonzalo loves to surf and adventure on challenging nature hikes.

Jonathan Mugford Santa Fe, NM.jpg

Jonathan Mugford

Cinematographer / VFX / 3D Animator / Video Editor

Incredible Cinematographer and Film Maker, and mind blowing VFX Specialist. Voice over talent, Editor.

A baritone "Trailer Voice" is just one Jonathan's natural gifts, he excels in 3D animation, 3D world and compositing, while also being an accomplished cinematographer and editor.

Jonathan loves exploring the outdoors and also the small indie cinema scene.

Jack Boubelik Santa Fe,NM.jpg

Jack Boubelik

Production Manager / Props Builder / Jack of all trades

Director/Producer on many films and projects, Jack brings a unique vision to the film set, and makes sure the shooting is performed on task, on time and on budget. His talent and creativity as a director puts the project on another level.

Jack while at his self made tiny home enjoys endless DIY projects. Jack also started a rental business for Movie Lights and Props.

Al processed Jpg_-15-2_edited.jpg

Al Paradiso

Director of Communications / Boxing Champion 

Al Paradiso is not only an International and Regional Title belt holder, but also a great communicator, helping our team seal the deal on multi million dollar contracts. Having traveled around the country and having owned and operated multiple successful businesses,

Al is an entrepreneur and a success story for all to be inspired by.

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