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Innastate Studios was tasked in preserving a record of family history in a small but beautiful valley in Colorado, home to many families. The project meant a lot to the community and through our work we were able to present a piece of film that pulled the community together and save the location from being sold off. We build up a library of interviews and footage for the families to cherish and share with future generations.

Al Paradiso

Al Paradiso had a second chance at life, overcoming a terminal disease in his late 60's, he took upon himself to forge forth with his dream, and hired us to document his journey. Through telling his story in a documentary Al became "a town hero" and is now focusing on building his Brand with the help of Innastate Studios.

Gingerhill Farms

Gingerhill Farms a holistic retreat focusing on organic self sustaining living wanted to start building their Brand. Innastate Studios took the video projects to the next level, creating Social Media channels and building engagement on the Youtube platform. With their success their channel is grown to over 100 videos and vast interest in their farm / retreat .

A great success story.

Messiah house

A non profit organization hired Innastate Studios to create an emotional story for a fundraising campaign. All involved were left with tears in their eyes upon viewing the final product. The story was very moving and the fundraising was a huge success, bettering the lives of many people for time to come.

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